Section 12. - Systemic and Institutional Barriers of Inclusion into Normal Life in Society and Ways of Overcoming them

Efforts of individuals and organizations to integrating the social services users into normal life in society face a variety of systemic and institutional obstacles.

The purpose of the section is:

- identify systemic and institutional barriers of integration,

- discuss the impact of these barriers on individuals and on organizations that strive to change the institutional model of care to community-based support,

- explore the possibilities of overcoming these barriers.

In the section we welcome contributions oriented on the following areas:

- maintenance of the mass of the institutional model of care as a barrier for integration into society and the development of community-based social services,

- opinions and attitudes of key actors, cultural and social patterns and other factors standing in the way of social inclusion of social service users - both successful and unsuccessful attempts to overcome the institutional model of care and to integrate into the normal life in society.

(guarantor: Mgr. Milena Johnová, Mgr. Milan Šveřepa)

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Sep 21, 2016, 12:05 AM