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Social work undergoes continuous transformation of its identity, therefore finding its content, defining  its position in society, is a permanent task of this profession. This year's conference Hradec Days of Social Work focuses primarily on the issue of a person in a social environment, the possibilities and limits of social work in this ideological framework that was so different from the premises of institutional care. The aim of the poster session of the conference is to present a wide range of theoretical assumptions, methodologies and practical conclusions that can be considered support humans in their social environment.

The conference poster session Hradec Days of Social Work 2016 welcomes contributions empirically and theoretically oriented, aimed at presenting the conclusions of both quantitative and qualitative research plans. Posters expressing systemic approach to work with people in a environment and partial illustrations (case studies) human stories and situations. Posters expressing paradigmatic therapeutic orientation, Reform and information. This should reflect the diversity of approaches in social work, which can be summarized under the term "support humans in their social environment."

The very idea and methods of support humans in their social environment is not all. Also economic analysis of financial sustainability services oriented to support humans in their social environment is needed to pay and analyze the legislative environment in the Czech Republic and initiate its transformation.

Technical information: 

  • Factual, content-structured and graphically well arranged poster will increase the attractiveness of the presented topic.
  • Conference organizers do not print electronic version of posters. Participants in poster section will bring their poster physically on the opening day of the conference. There will be volunteers (students) who will help with the installation of poster. 
  • Panels allows attaching a poster using pins - will be available on site. Alternatively by hanging up (poster must be already pre-prepared for this option). 
  • Maximum poster size is determined by the organizer to 93x115 cm (portrait orientation).

(guarantor: PhDr. Martin Smutek, Ph.D.)

Hradecké dny sociální práce,
Sep 21, 2016, 3:08 AM