About the conference

The image of Czech and foreign social work has been continually changing over time. Its transformations usually correspond to the ongoing social changes and are connected with the necessity to re-evaluate the ways of interpreting existing and emerging social problems as well as the ways of responding to them. Social workers must face up to new ethical challenges, changes in the perception of professional values, changing conditions and demands in education and supervision.

Constantly changing conditions under which social work is carried out encourage the development of new trends and innovative practices and services. As innovative, we can understand these practices and services that have not yet been systemically and formally anchored but respond to the unmet needs of the target group, formalized services using new practices and methods of work, targeting activities that are not adequately addressed in the current system responded (due to age, combination of needs), field services responding to needs that have been occupied to a large extent in outpatient or institutional form, etc. There can also be new ways of cooperation overcoming sectoral and divisive fragmentation, new procedures in the field of service management or quality control of services, or non-traditional approaches of public administration to financing services.

Co-host of the conference

Auspices of the conference

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Conference outputs

The output of the conference will be a electronic reviewed anthology of contributions.
The scientific board reserves the right to refuse contributions which are not relevant for the conference topic of fail to meet the formal requirements.

Languages of the international scientific conference

Czech, Slovak, English.

The venue

The lecture hall of the 3rd building of the University of Hradec Králové (The building Objekt společné výuky, 1227 Hradecká street; opposite the University hospital of Hradec Králové) and other rooms in the Object společné výuky (to be specified later).