About the conference

Conference Topic: Social Inclusion in the Context of Social Work.

Social exclusion within a Strategy of social inclusion 2014 - 2020 characterizes as a process, during individuals or whole groups have been marginalized and access to sources and opportunities are being limited or made difficult, which are common to other members of the society. Mainly employment, living, social protection, health care and education belongs among these scarce sources. Poverty is an accompanying phenomenon of social exclusion which threatens mainly women, people with disabilities and people from ethnic minorities.
The task of social work is to contribute to a process of social inclusion, so that socially excluded people or at risk of social exclusion could gain opportunities and possibilities, which would help to full engage them into economic, social and cultural life of a society and to live in a way that is considered as common. However, to fulfil these tasks within the context of contemporary social political conditions becomes more and more complicated.  A long-term underfinancing of a system of social protection and pressure in order to savings limit material sources, where social work could use in behalf of the benefit of clients’ social inclusion. Social work limited in means of help is reduced to disciplinary, control and sanction strategies, which should motivate clients whether good or bad, in order to adapt to a system, which could be a source of oppression and injustice. Therefore, there are more and more up to date following questions: How could social work contribute to social inclusion of people in the context of insufficient resources? How to include socially excluded ones, so that social work does not become a tool of oppression, but to maintain its original helping mission?

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Auspices of the conference

Conference topics

1st section topic – Social inclusion in housing
2nd section topic – Social inclusion in employment
3rd section topic – Social inclusion in work with children and their families
4th section topic – Social inclusion in social services
5th section topic – Social inclusion in education
6th section topic – Social inclusion within the reform of psychiatric care
7th section – Social inclusion in the context of social work. International issues of social work. (only in English)

Conference outputs

The output of the conference will be a electronic reviewed anthology of contributions.
The scientific board reserves the right to refuse contributions which are not relevant for the conference topic of fail to meet the formal requirements.

Languages of the international scientific conference

Czech, Slovak, English.

The venue

The lecture hall of the 3rd building of the University of Hradec Králové (The building Objekt společné výuky, 1227 Hradecká street; opposite the University hospital of Hradec Králové) and other rooms in the Object společné výuky (to be specified later).